Top 10 Latest technology trends in Computer technology

Latest technology trends in Computer technology

In Present day,  technology trends in Computer technology are its peaks there no field computer not used indirectly.  the internet has made communication cheaper faster with new trends in computer and technology formats. One can send pictures or video clipping by using a web camera, sound or voice inputting by microphones and can receive the same type of formats of latest trends in computer hardware technology which can be printed on a colour printer. Let us know about some current topic of today’s information technology world. Latest technology trends in Computer technology 2018 Technews.

Latest technology trends in Computer technology 2018   list  are we described below 

1.Advance supercomputer

2.E-Commerce platforms

3.Helping Handicapped computer cars

5.Advanced Robotics

6.Android Feature

7.Virtual Reality

8.Data gloves

9.Fibre channel

10. I SCSI

Advance Supercomputer Latest Technology Trends

supercomputer most powerful Latest technology trends in Computer technology 2018 which is used in highly time to save and accuracy demanding areas.

In space research, scientific research, nuclear weapon controlling units of the military departments, weather forecasting, by using satellite pictures, and many such areas, supercomputer are used Latest New Trends in Information Technology.

E-commerce platforms

advance E-Commerce platforms is a part of  Latest technology trends in Computer technology in the world in current time.

E-Commerce means online trading .in today’s world, companies put their products on the internet for sale by buyers who surf on the net. When the customer gets the best deal, he makes the payment by credit or debit cards and receives the thing by courier.


advantages of e-commerce

Over the past several years, E-commerce has transformed how people buy and sell online. The Internet provides a fast and easy way for people to purchase things without having to visit an actual store. An online store can reach customers anywhere in the world. In fact, online shopping has become so popular that many vendors sell only online with no physical location. the best E-Business also facilitates the purchase of digital media such as downloadable music and movies: with no physical product, vendors can boast truly instant delivery. There are many E-commerce companies, and it’s important to understand which of the best E-commerce business sites let your online shop flourish as you online.

Helping the Handicapped Latest technology


  Top 10 Latest technology trends in Computer technology 2018 a part of Helping handicapped computer technology. Severely handicapped people can use computers to communicate with other people, “talking” to them via a computer the system shown here, the person controls the computer by sucking and blowing down a tube, telling it which letters to select to spell out words. Helping the Handicapped Latest technology trends in information technology.

 Computer Controlled cars technology trends in Computer technology

Now the car industry is trying to run computer-controlled cars on the road without any driver. In such cars, only instructions will be given about where to go, and it will just start moving under the guidance of the road plan which will be already entered into the computer memory of the Latest technology trends in information technology.

it will be able already entered into the computer memory controlled by a computer, just like an expert driver. computer control car is Top 10  technology trends in Computer technology 2018.

Advanced Robotics Technology

 Advanced Robotics is the Latest technology trends in information technology science of making and using Robots. Robots are an artificial human being which can work as a human being and do complicated jobs which threaten human lives. For example, factories harmful chemicals or gases used, their robots used to operate machines perform work as a human being.

Mobile Computers

Mobile computer a big part of Top 10  technology trends in Computer technology 2018 Nowadays,  mobile phone commonly used.  Phones have versatile, utilities like can be used for calculation as a calculator inbuilt, as a telephone diary, for sending receiving messages by using short message service (SMS), to play video games, for surfing, sending receiving e-mail, etc.

Android Feature

Android is one of the most used mobile operating systems, can show movies, allow one to talk to another person, send a message, picture, e-mail, play games let you stay in touch with everybody.

Virtual Reality

 Virtual Reality a part of Latest technology trends in information technology Computer technology can create worlds don’t exist make you believe you can see, hear touch them. This is called virtual reality. When you watch TV, it is as if you were looking through a window, but with virtual reality, you actually feel you are that part of the picture itself.

Virtual reality creates surrounding that seems real, but only exist as electronic signals inside the computer.  a user wears a headset that contains two screens one in front of each eye. The brain combines the screen’s images to create a three dimensional (3-D) scene. headset plays stereo sounds, one into each ear which the brain combines fie a surround -sound effect.


 Headsets are part of virtual reality. In order to experience virtual reality, you may have to wear a headset with two screens in front of each eye. 3-D scenes are projected onto these screens. Some headsets contain earphones with stereo sound as well. Sensors in headset pick up your head movements convert this information into signals which are sent to a computer. Latest New Trends in Information Technology The computer responds by changing an image on screens as you move your head.

Data Gloves

Data gloves contain sensors which detect the movements of your hand. If for example, you were looking at the image of a room, you could stretch out and open a door. the graphics would change to show the door. Data Gloves a part of Latest technology trends in information technology opening and pressure pads in the gloves would press down on your hand, so your hand would also feel as if you were turning a door handle.

Even though the age of wireless communication is upon us, many of us still deal with a plethora of cable that snakes along behind our desktop computers. Cables connect our printer, scanner, keyboards, digital cameras and many other peripherals that enhance our computing experience. If you have Data Gloves Latest technology trends in information technology integrated within your devices then wait no more.

What is Bluetooth

The Bluetooth is a part of Top 10 Latest technology trends in Computer technology 2018.  Bluetooth Is enables computers, phones handsets, peripherals to communicate with one another without cables. The Bluetooth technology is not meant to replace wireless networks but to complement it. The Bluetooth enabled devices to give the user more flexibilitysecurity, and reduced power consumption.

What is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth technology is an industry wireless specification standard for use in various devices for short-range communication. As a radio-based technology, it allows devices to share information over a maximum range of 10 meters. Bluetooth enables mobile phones, handsets, and the internet to talk without cables.

with Bluetooth, devices do not need to be looking ‘at each other, unlike other wireless technologies. As long as two Bluetooth devices are close enough to each other possible to make connections.With Bluetooth Top 10 Latest technology trends in Computer technology 2018 in India getting connected takes on a whole new meaning.

What is I SCSI

ISCSI stands for internet Latest technology trends in information technology Small Computer System Interface, an internet protocol (IP)-based storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities, developed by the internet engineering task force (IETF). By carrying I SCSI commands over IP networks, I SCSI is used for facilitating data transfers over intranets and to manage storage over long distances.

The I SCSI Protocol is an among the key Technologies Expected to help bring about rapid Development of the Storage Area Network market by increasing the capabilities and performance of storage data Transmission. Because of the somewhere of IP networks I SCSI can be used to transmit data over. local Area Networks wide area networks or the internet and can enable locations independent data storage and documentation.

How do I SCSI Work

When an end user or application sends a request, the operating system generates the appropriate I SCSI commands and data request, which then go through encapsulation and, if necessary, encryption procedures. A packet header is added before the resulting IP packets are transmitted over an Ethernet connection.

when a packet is received, it is decrypted and disassembled, separating the SCSI commands and request.T he SCSI commands are sent on to SCSI controller, and from there to the SCSI storage device. Because iSCSI is bidirectional, the protocol can also be used to return data in response to the original request.

iSCSI is one of two main approaches to storage data transmission over IP networks, the other method, fibre channel over IP, translates fibre channel control codes and data into IP packets for transmission between geographically distant fibre channel SANs.FCIP can only be used in conjunction with fibre channel Latest technology trends in computer technology, In comparison, I SCSI can run over existing Ethernet networks. A number of vendors, Including Cisco, I BM, and Nishan has introduced I SCSI -based products, such as switches and routers.

Fibre channel

Fibre channel a part of Top 10 Latest technology trends in Computer technology 2018  In recent years several technical developments have converged to bigger than ever need for extremely fast data links.H high-performance computers have become the focus of much attention in the data communications industry. performance improvements have spawned increasingly data-intensive and high-speed networking applications, such as multimedia and scientific. However, the existing network interconnects between computers and i/o device are unable to run as required.

The intention of the fibre channel (FC) is to develop practical, inexpensive, yet expandable means of quickly transferring data between workstations, mainframes, supercomputer, desktop computer, storage devices, display and other peripheral. fibre channel is the general name of an integrated set of standards being developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Fibre channel Details

There are two basic types of data communication between processors and peripherals channels and network. A channel provides direct or switched points – the to-points connection between the communicating devices. A channel is typically hardware -intensive and transports data at high speed with low overheads. In contrast, a network is an aggregation of distributed nodes with its own protocol that supports interaction among these nodes.

A network has relatively high overhead since it is software – intensive, and consequently slower than a channel. networks can handle a more extensive range of tasks than a channel as they operate in an environment of unanticipated connection while the channel operates amongst only a few devices with predefined addresses. Fibre channel attempts to combine the best of these two method of communication into a new I/o interface that meets the needs of channel users and also network users.

Although it is called a fibre channel, its architecture does not represent either a channel or a real network topology .it allows for an active intelligent interconnection scheme, called a fabric, to connect devices. all a fibre channel port has to do is to manage a simple points connection between itself and the fibre.

Fibre channel is  Latest technology trends in computer technology a high-performance serial link supporting its own, as well as higher level protocols such as the FDDI, SCSI, HIPPI, and IPI. The fibre channel standard addresses the need for very fast transfers of large amounts of information .the fast technology can be converted for local Ares network technology by adding a switch specified in the fibre channel standard, that handles multipoint addressing.

There is a perspective as an I/o technology and a Local Area Network technology as well. Another advantage of the fibre channel is, that it gives users one port that supports both channel and network interface, unburdening the computers from a large number of I/o ports. FC provides control and complete error checking over the link.

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