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You are very much welcome in Technohello’s About Us page. If you visit our page, then obviously if you are an online user, let me tell you that if you want to learn Blogging or want information related to the internet or want to earn money sitting at home from the internet then it is perfect for you. site. On this site, you will find all the information related to Business Ideas, Best Business ideas in India. Blogging, Vlogging, SEO, Make Money, Life Hacks, Website Design, Adsense, WordPress, and the Internet. The motto of this site is for beginners to get information related to the internet.

People in all the countries of the world know the English language By the way, English is a worldwide language. That is why we decided to give blogging and internet related information on this blog in English. Our mission is to tell us about earning online money in this site so that people can earn money from them.

About Technohello.com

This site was created by Suresh Budek in April 2018. At that time the site was created only from this mission that includes all information related to tech news, blogging and the internet in English. Today, on this blog, we will be using Business Ideas, Best Business ideas in India Adsense, Blogging, Blogger, Make Money, SEO, Technology, Internet, Tips and Tricks, WordPress, Youtube, Mobile, Website, Designing, etc. Information related to giving in the English language.

There is a very big and common problem in our country INDIA that unemployment is common here. Largely educated people are also sitting unemployed and sitting at home. Young people have to compulsorily write down their reading. That’s why we give blogging and internet related information to our blog so that people can make a good income by blogging.

If you want to earn money through the internet, then there are many options in front of you, but there are some options which can make your career. That is, you can earn a lifetime income from it. Blogging comes first in this. Yes, blogging is the No1 way to earn money from internet. If you do not know about blogging then you can read posts related to blogging. In this blog, you will find a solution to all the problems related to blogging.

All of you are requested to give us with us and keep giving us your love. If you like this blog, then definitely tell your friends about it. It will also benefit us along with it. Write a post about this blog on social media.

About Suresh Budek [Founder}

My name is Suresh Budek and I have created this blog for the help of those who want to earn money by doing any work on the Internet. I live in a small village in Bargarh District. I also blogging along with the job. I can not give full-time to blogging, the reason is that I am currently employed. But still, I manage so much time in which to update my blog in new post.

Since 2012, I stepped on the computer and stepped on the Internet and since then I made many efforts, which is why I am at this stage today. Similarly, there is a lot of interesting story of my life, in which you will be able to tell people by writing a post in free time.

Even after stepping on the internet, I have stumbled too much. When I made my first blog on blogger.com, then I asked people for help when I was in trouble. I told you one more thing in blogging that I had many problems, but everyone resolved themselves.

I mean to say that he used to take guidance from others, but he was able to solve it by following him by step by step. This has given me a lot of learning. All of you also want to say that when there is a problem, take guidance from others but follow your steps. This will allow you to learn something new.

Bye, the way, blogging has become my hobby now and helping people is my habit. Just request all the brothers to visit this blog and keep your love in the same way.