What is TDS? Full form and rule | TDS Rule (Rates in PDF)

Typically TDS is seen by adding salaries. Because people who get decent salaries, they have a TDS deduction. But do you know that TDS  cut without salaries? And do you know the deduction of TDS reduced too? And more, if you want you to get the cut back TDS. What is TDS and What are … Read moreWhat is TDS? Full form and rule | TDS Rule (Rates in PDF)

What is Form 16 and why is it necessary? All About Form 16

  If you get salary then Form 16 is required when filling the Income Tax Return. Often new taxpayers are not familiar with this term. Sometimes they have some general information about this, so many of the practical and useful aspects are not known. In this article, we have tried to give the meaning of … Read moreWhat is Form 16 and why is it necessary? All About Form 16

what is social responsibility | social responsibility of business

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is A concept that businesses ought to balance profit-making activities with activities profit society. It involves developing businesses with a positive relationship to a society we discuss below 7social responsibility of business Tips for a sucessfull businessman

1.Self interest

 at the end of the day, businessmen gain by acting social responsibilities . in gift day surroundings, the expectation of public from business has modified.business is that the creation of society and makes use of precious wants society and if a business fails to satisfy the previous wants of society, then society will revoke back its resources.to survive and grow in society for an end of the day the business should return to the expectations of the members of society .the approach society is giving to business what’s needs, within the same approach business should provide society what it wishes.

2.Better Environment for Business

social responsibility of business creates higher surroundings for business operations as social responsibility improves quality of life, results in raising normal of living, therefore business can heal community to conduct business. The labor is going to be of higher quality, the client is going to be higher quality and therefore society is going to be higher so higher opportunities for business are going to be out there.

3.Public image for social responsibility of business

A business will improve its image publicly by forward social responsibilities a, works, customers and suppliers contribute to the success of a business. the folks develop religion and trust within the business forward its socialite.

4.Avoidance of government interference

government intervention is costly to businessmen and restricts their flexibility and freedom or making decisions. For example, Government has passed the consumer protection act to prevent adulteration, black marketing and other anti-social practices. Thus social responsibilities are essential for avoiding governmental action against a business.

5.Social power  

government intervention is expensive to businessmen and restricts their flexibility and freedom or creating selections. as an example, Government has passed the buyer protection act to forestall adulteration, black promoting and different anti-social practices. therefore social responsibilities are Essential for avoiding governmental action Aginst business.

6.Resources used for moral justification

Business has resources such as Money, Talents, expertise in technical areas, physical and financial  resources . the businessmen can assist government with these resources in solving problems.

7.Contribution to social problems

Business has created some social problem such as pollution creation of unsafe workplace,discrimination etc. there is a moral argument that business  has an obligation to help in solving social problems because it helped in creating those or in perpetuating those problems,businessmen must take initiative to solve social problems because these are created as a result business operations.

types of e-business example | importance

types of e-business

 Example of e-business

Hi, Guys if you Don’t know about ”types of e-business with examples”, and you are searching for example of e-business type” and learn types of e-business. e-business types are conducted in many forms. These are briefly being listed below in following.

E-business has created searching straightforward for we tend to don’t got to go anyplace physically, we will search from home and acquire nice deals too. however does one recognize what are the kinds of e-business? What are its characteristics? Let’s resolve a lot of concerning types of e-business.


types of e-business
types of e-business

types of e-business (an example of  e-business)

1. Online Direct marketing-Manufactures or retailers sell directly to customers. very efficient for digital products and services. can allow for customization.

2.Electronic tendering –Business conduct online tendering, requesting quotes from suppliers.

3. Name your own price –Customers decide how much they are willing to pay.an intermediary tries to match a provider.

4. Find the best Price- Customers decide how much are willing to pay. An intermediator Compares suppliers and shows all-time low worth Customers should settle for the provision in an exceedingly short time or could lose the deal.

5.Affiliate Marketing – Vendors ask partners to place logos on partner’s site. if customers click, return to vendors and get, vendors, pay commission to partners.

6. Viral marketing – Spread your brand om net by word of mouth Receivers will send your information to their friends.

7.Group purchasing – Aggregating the demands of small buyers to get a large volume. Then conduct tendering, or negotiate a low price.

8. Online Actions – Placing auction of various types on the internet.

9. Product customization – Using the internet to self-configure products or services, price, and then fulfil them quickly build to order.

10. Electronic marketplaces – Create viral marketplaces where transactions can be conducted and exchanges in an efficient way more information to buyers and sellers, less transaction cost.

11.Value chain integrators – Aggregate information and package it for customers, vendors, or others in the supply.

12. Value chain service- Provide specialized services in supply chain operations such as providing logistics or providers payment services.

13. Information brokers – Provide services related to e-business information such as trust, content, matching buyers and sellers, evaluating vendor and products.

14. Bartering online – Exchanging surplus products and services with the process administered completely online by an intermediary. a company receives a point for its contribution, the point can be used to purchase other needed items.

15.Deep Discounters-Gain market share via deep discount .for customers consider the only price in their purchasing decisions.

16.Membership – Only members can use the services provided, including access to certain information, conducting trades, etc.

17.Supply chain – Restructure supply chains to hubs, or other configurations .increase collaboration, improvers reduce delays, and smooth supply chain flows.


types of e-business
types of e-business example



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advantages of e-business models (Electronic Business)

advantages of e-business

Electronic Business Model

advantage of e-business models- ”Online Business” or ”e-business model” is any reasonably ”business” or business dealings features sharing info across the web. Commerce constitutes an exchange of merchandise and services between businesses, teams, people may be seen together of essential activities of any advantages of e-business.

you all know  ”e-business” is called ”electronic business” describes a process of buying, selling, transferring or exchanging products, services,  information via a computer network, including internet. e-business model refers to a broader definition of E-COMMERCE, not just buying selling of goods services, but also servicing customers, collaborating with ”business” partners, conducting e-learning”, conducting electronic within an organization.

”e-business” allows companies to link their internal external processes more efficiently effectively, work more closely with suppliers partners to better satisfy the needs expectations of their customers, leading to improvements in overall business performance.

while a website is one of the most common implementations, e-business is much more than just a web presence and there a vast array of internet technologies all designed to help business work smarter not harder.

advantages of e-business
advantages of e-business models

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17 advantages of e-business models

17 advantages of e-business –   The e-business provides advantages not only to the seller but also the consumer. The advantages of e-business for an organization are described below:-

1. Reduces costs of production by reducing overheads-foe example, not having a retail outlet in a busy high street location with high rents,        reducing stock costs etc.

2. Offers opportunity to increase sales.

3. Offers opportunity to access new markets across the globe.

4. Provides a chance to target market segments more effectively.

5. Provides more accurate information and improve customer service experience.

6. Improves the efficiency and productivity of the supply chain.

7. Improves employee motivation through more flexible working methods.

8. Allows 24 * 7 access to the firm’s products and services.

9. Provides convenience and comfort for customers.

10. Improves speed of response.

11. Results in cost savings.

12. Improves communications, information, and knowledge sharing.

13. Reduces inventory.

For a consumer, it offers advantages such as-

14. Improved speed of response.

15. Cost savings.

16. Improved Efficiency and productivity.

17. Improved customer service.

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