types of e -business example

types of e-business

Hi, Guys if you Don’t know about ”types of e-business with examples”, and you are searching for ”types of e-business examples” and learn types of e-business. e-business types are conducted in many forms. These are briefly being listed below in following

e-business type
1. Online Direct marketing-Manufactures or retailers sell directly to customers. very efficient for digital products and services. can allow for customization.

2.Electronic tendering -Business conduct online tendering, requesting quotes from suppliers.

3. Name your own price -Customers decide how much they are willing to pay.an intermediary tries to match a provider.

4. Find the best Price- Customers decide how much are willing to pay. An intermediary Compares providers and shows the lowest price. Customers must accept the offer in a short time or may lose the deal.types of e-business

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