How to improve communication skills & public speaking

How to improve communication skills & public speaking

 Improve communication skills & techniques ”Public speakinginvolves communicating with and addressing A group of people. The task is to convince the listeners while keeping them involved. This can be unnerving and intimidating. However, there are some techniques that can help you become versed in the art of public speaking. The following pointers will help you hone your communication skills and Public speaking overcome stage fright.
improving presentation skills public speaking


How to improve communication skills & public speaking
How to improve communication skills & public speaking




 power of public speaking -“Think before you talk

This will help you avoid any mistakes that you might make otherwise

1. Pause, and consider what you are about to say.
2. Chose the right words that clearly express your message.
3.Know your audience.
4. Make sure that the message is relevant to them.
5. Repeat the main points often to increase the listener’s retention


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Public speaking improve communication skills  important point  – “Control fear”

Fear is the main obstacle an aspiring public speaker must overcome.
1. Prepare and rehearse your points beforehand.
2. Try to establish a rapport with your audience.
3. Keep it simple and crisp. You need not to use high flow language A bombastic speech makes the audience lose interest.
4. Keep in mind the fact that mistakes are natural and that you can always apologize and move ahead with your talk.

Believe in your message

Your body language reflects your conviction in your message.

1.speek confidently and passionately.
2. Allow your feelings naturally.
3. Show your enthusiasm.
These tips will help you articulate your views more clearly and convincingly in the meeting, social gatherings and other occasions.

The Importance of Public Speaking


Even if you are doing not got to be compelled to make regular displays before of a bunch, there are several things where good public speaking skills can assist you to advance your career and build opportunities.
For example, you’d presumably got to remark your organization at a conference, build a speech once acceptive a reward, or teach a class to new recruits. chatting with Associate in Nursing audience put together includes on-line displays or talks; as associate example, once work for a virtual team, or once chatting with a bunch of customers during a net meeting.

Good public speaking skills are important in different areas of your life, as well. you’d presumably be asked to form a speech at a friend’s wedding, provides congratulations for a friend, or inspire a bunch of volunteers at a charity event.

In short, being associate honest talker can enhance your name, boost your confidence, and open up multitudinous opportunities.
However, whereas good skills can open doors, poor ones can shut them. as an example, your boss might decide against promoting you once sitting through a badly-delivered presentation. you’d presumably lose a valuable new contract by failing to connect with a gap throughout a pitch. otherwise, you may build a poor impression at the side of your new team, as a result of you trip over your words and don’t look people among the attention.

Pay Attention to Body Language

If you’re unaware of it, your body language will give your audience constant, subtle clues about your inner state. If you’re nervous, or if you don’t believe what you’re saying, the audience can soon know.
Pay attention to your body language: stand up straight, take deep breaths, look people in the eye, and smile. Don’t lean on one leg or use gestures that feel unnatural.
Many people prefer to speak behind a podium when giving presentations. While podiums can be useful for holding notes, they put a barrier between you and the audience. They can also become a “crutch,” giving you a hiding place from the dozens or hundreds of eyes that are on you.
Instead of standing behind a podium, walk around and use gestures to engage the audience. This movement and energy will also come through in your voice, making it more active and passionate.


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Think Positively

Positive thinking can make a huge difference in the success of your communication because it helps you feel more confident & improve your “communication skills & public speaking”.
Fear makes it all too easy to slip into a cycle of negative self-talk, especially right before you speak, while self-sabotaging thoughts such as “I’ll never be good at this!” or “I’m going to fall flat on my face!” lower your confidence and increase the chances that you won’t achieve what you’re truly capable of.
Use affirmations and visualization to raise your confidence. This is especially important right before your speech or presentation. Visualize giving a successful presentation, and imagine how you’ll feel once it’s over and when you’ve made a positive difference for others. Use positive affirmations such as “I’m grateful I have the opportunity to help my audience” or “I’m going to do well!”

Strategies for Becoming a Better Speaker

The good news is that speaking in public is a learnable skill. As such, you can use the following strategies to become a better speaker and presenter.

Plan Appropriately

how to improve communication skills & public speaking? First, make sure that you plan your communication appropriately. Use tools like the Rhetorical Triangle, Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, and the 7Cs of Communication to think about how you’ll structure what you’re going to say.
When you do this, think about how important a book’s first paragraph is; if it doesn’t grab you, you’re likely going to put it down. The same principle goes for your speech: from the beginning, you need to intrigue your audience.
For example, you could start with an interesting statistic, headline, or fact that pertains to what you’re talking about and resonates with your audience. You can also use storytelling as a powerful opener; our Expert Interviews with Annette Simmons and Paul Smith offer some useful tips on doing this.
Planning also helps you to think on your feet. This is especially important for unpredictable question and answer sessions or last-minute communications.

Helpful Tips for  public speaking :

Remember that not all occasions when you need to speak in public will be scheduled. You can make good impromptu speeches by having ideas and mini-speeches pre-prepared. It also helps to have a good, thorough understanding of what’s going on in your organization and industry.

Watch Recordings of Your Speeches

Whenever possible, “record your presentations and speeches”. You can “improve your speaking skills dramatically” by watching yourself later and then working on improving in areas that didn’t go well.
As you watch, notice any verbal stalls, such as “um” or “like.” Look at your body language: are you swaying, leaning on the podium, or leaning heavily on one leg? Are you looking at the audience? Did you smile? Did you speak clearly at all times?
Pay attention to your gestures. Do they appear natural or forced? Make sure that people can see them, especially if you’re standing behind a podium.
Last, look at how you handled interruptions, such as a sneeze or a question that you weren’t prepared for. Does your face show surprise, hesitation, or annoyance? If so, practice managing interruptions like these smoothly, so that you’re even better next time.

Key Points

“How to improve communication skills & public speaking”. chances are that you’ll sometimes “have to speak in public as part of your role”. While this can seem intimidating, the benefits of being able to speak well outweigh any perceived fears. To become a better speaker, use the following strategies:

If you speak well in public, it can help you get a job or promotion, raise awareness for your team or organization, and educate others. The more you push yourself to speak in front of others, the better you’ll become, and the more confidence you’ll have.

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