advantages of e-business models (Electronic Business)

advantages of e-business

Electronic Business Model

advantage of e-business models- ”Online Business” or ”e-business model” is any reasonably ”business” or business dealings features sharing info across the web. Commerce constitutes an exchange of merchandise and services between businesses, teams, people may be seen together of essential activities of any advantages of e-business.

you all know  ”e-business” is called ”electronic business” describes a process of buying, selling, transferring or exchanging products, services,  information via a computer network, including internet. e-business model refers to a broader definition of E-COMMERCE, not just buying selling of goods services, but also servicing customers, collaborating with ”business” partners, conducting e-learning”, conducting electronic within an organization.

”e-business” allows companies to link their internal external processes more efficiently effectively, work more closely with suppliers partners to better satisfy the needs expectations of their customers, leading to improvements in overall business performance.

while a website is one of the most common implementations, e-business is much more than just a web presence and there a vast array of internet technologies all designed to help business work smarter not harder.

advantages of e-business
advantages of e-business models

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17 advantages of e-business models

17 advantages of e-business –   The e-business provides advantages not only to the seller but also the consumer. The advantages of e-business for an organization are described below:-

1. Reduces costs of production by reducing overheads-foe example, not having a retail outlet in a busy high street location with high rents,        reducing stock costs etc.

2. Offers opportunity to increase sales.

3. Offers opportunity to access new markets across the globe.

4. Provides a chance to target market segments more effectively.

5. Provides more accurate information and improve customer service experience.

6. Improves the efficiency and productivity of the supply chain.

7. Improves employee motivation through more flexible working methods.

8. Allows 24 * 7 access to the firm’s products and services.

9. Provides convenience and comfort for customers.

10. Improves speed of response.

11. Results in cost savings.

12. Improves communications, information, and knowledge sharing.

13. Reduces inventory.

For a consumer, it offers advantages such as-

14. Improved speed of response.

15. Cost savings.

16. Improved Efficiency and productivity.

17. Improved customer service.

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