Small Business Start Up Process: Why Most People Take Wrong Approach


in this post, we are discussing small business. We small business start-up incorrectly about the company. All About You! I want to talk with those who are considering creating a small business. And I want to speak with the small business owners who have gone through the business start-up process I just read.




Small Business Start Up Process: Why Most People Take Wrong Approach

 Small Business Start-Up Process



Why Most People Take The Wrong Approach, I own small business – successful one–, but it wasn’t always that way. I went through a lot of pain, and I was struggling because I didn’t know the correct approach to small business starts up.


Are you interested in finding the right approach to the small business start-up process? Let’s start with you! Your small business is all about YOU! We are going to make a plan that you did not accustom to hearing. We are going to talk about your LIFE.


Now stay with me on this is a vital are going to learn a lot. We are going to start what you DON’T want in your life?
Why would I ask you to start from a “negative” point of view? Because most people and especially small business owners can describe what they don’t want in their life more clearly than what they do want in their life.


It just seems to be human nature. Besides, once you clearly state what you DON’T want your life, I will ask to indicate what you DO want in your life.





I will show you the issues (things) I do not want in my life.


Will give you are the starting point for you to develop your list of things you don’t want in your life. So here goes the list of things I DON’T want in my life…


1. I don’t want to go to the mailbox in fear of receiving more bills I can’t pay on time.


2. I don’t want to separate from my wife for an extended period.


3. I don’t want to separate from my children and grandchildren for an extended period.


4. Having to pretend I am something I am NOT.


5. Being micro-managed by a boss.


6. Having to work 12 to 15 hours per day, seven days per week.


7. Having to do all the tasks in my business to keep it going.


8. Having a business that is solely dependent on one or two sources of revenue.


9. Feeling overwhelmed by too much information.


10. I don’t want to be embarrassed by a lack of money.


11. I don’t want the teams in my business to feel under-appreciated. So there you have it in all its glory.


There may be a few other things I could include, but, you get the picture.






Now I ask that you make the list of things you DO want in your life take 15 to 20 minutes right now to create your menu.
Now for the list of things, I DO want in my life (again this is entirely personal), but I believe it will help you.
Here goes the list of things I DO want in my life.




1. To be recognized as an authority on the small business up process, done the right way.


2. To be recognized as a Marketing expert.


3. To wake up every day, excited about the work I am engaged in.


4. To have the freedom to work only half a day if I choose.


5. To have my family feel secure about their future.


6. To have friends, I laugh.


7. To hear compliment for my customers on what we provide to them.


8. To have products that I am proud to represent.


9. To work with a team of people I enjoy and who surprise me with their talents.


10. To live on an island where the weather is lovely.


11. To have my children and grandchildren come to our home on the island very frequently.



Now ask you to take the time to make your list of the things you want in your life. Don’t overthink about this list the things that come to your mind and write them down.


Thanks for walking through the exercises with me. I hope you have taken this seriously and you have your lists written down.

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