What is My SQL Server ||Create MySQL database Community Server

What is my SQL Server

MySQL Database system- The key to a database management system is information management. A database MySQL server is a key to solving the problems of information management.in general, a server must reliably manage a large amount of data in a multi-user environment so that many users can concurrently access the same data. A database server must also prevent unauthorized access and provided efficient solutions for failure recovery.

MySQL community server refers to the combination of a MySQL server instance and a MySQL database. MySQL server operates using client/server architecture in which a server runs on the machine containing databases and clients connect to the server over a network. The server operating system is usually a Linux 9.0 etc.or windows operating system. Typically MySQL is supported on window XP, window server  2003, Red Hat Fedora Linux, and Debian Linux, and other. As with any other client/server application, MySQL server is a multi-user database system, meaning several users can access the database simultaneously.

MySQL server

The server (MySQL server) listen for client requests coming on over the network and accesses database contents according to requests and provides that to Client.

Clients are programs that connect to the database MySQL server and issue queries in a pre-specified format.MySQL is compatible with the standards-based SQL (Structured Query Language). The client program may contact the server programmatically (meaning a program call the MySQL server during execution) or manually. for example, when you are issuing commands over a session to a MySQL server, you are issuing the requests to the server by typing commands at your command prompt manually. On the other hand, if you have input some data (say your credit card information on the internet towards the purchase of some goods) in a form is processed by using a server, side program, then MySQL server is contacted programmatically. This is often the case in credit card approvals, member subscriptions etc.

MySQL server Features

1.Speed. If the server hardware is optimal, MySQL server runs very fast. it supports clustered servers for demanding applications.

2.Ease of use. ”MySQL” is a high-performance, relatively simple database system. Form the beginning, MySQL has typically been configured, monitored, and managed from the command line. However, several MySQL graphical interfaces are also available.

3.Cost. My cost is available free of cost. MySQL is a ”open source database. MySQL is part of the LAMP

(Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP/Perl/Python) environment, a fast growing open source enterprise software stack. More and more companies are using a LAMP as an alternative to expensive proprietary software stacks of its lower cost, reliability, and documentation.

4.Query Language support. ”MySQL server” Understands standards-based SQL (Structure Query Language).

5.Portability.MySQL Provides portability as it has been tested with a broad range of different compilers and can work on many different platforms.it is fully multi-threaded using kernel threads.it can easily use multiple CPUs if they are available.

6.Data types.”MySQL” provides many data types to support different types of data.it also supports fixed-length and variable-length records.

7.Security.”MySQL” offers a privilege and password system that is very flexible and secure, and that allows host-based verification. Passwords are secure because all password traffic is encrypted when you connect to a server.

8.Scalability and Limits.MySQL can handle large databases. some real life MySQL database contains 50 million records, some have up to 60,000 table and about 5,000,000,000, rows.

9.Connectivity.Clients can connect to a MySQL community server using several protocols.

10.Localization. ”MySQL community server can provide an error message to the client in manyLanguage.

11.Clients and Tools. ”MySql server” provides several client and utility programs. These include both command-line programs such as mysqldump and mysqladmin and graphical programs such as MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser.MySQL server has built-in support for SQL statements.

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