types of e-business example | importance

types of e-business

 Example of e-business

Hi, Guys if you Don’t know about ”types of e-business with examples”, and you are searching for example of e-business type” and learn types of e-business. e-business types are conducted in many forms. These are briefly being listed below in following.

E-business has created searching straightforward for we tend to don’t got to go anyplace physically, we will search from home and acquire nice deals too. however does one recognize what are the kinds of e-business? What are its characteristics? Let’s resolve a lot of concerning types of e-business.


types of e-business
types of e-business

types of e-business (an example of  e-business)

1. Online Direct marketing-Manufactures or retailers sell directly to customers. very efficient for digital products and services. can allow for customization.

2.Electronic tendering –Business conduct online tendering, requesting quotes from suppliers.

3. Name your own price –Customers decide how much they are willing to pay.an intermediary tries to match a provider.

4. Find the best Price- Customers decide how much are willing to pay. An intermediator Compares suppliers and shows all-time low worth Customers should settle for the provision in an exceedingly short time or could lose the deal.

5.Affiliate Marketing – Vendors ask partners to place logos on partner’s site. if customers click, return to vendors and get, vendors, pay commission to partners.

6. Viral marketing – Spread your brand om net by word of mouth Receivers will send your information to their friends.

7.Group purchasing – Aggregating the demands of small buyers to get a large volume. Then conduct tendering, or negotiate a low price.

8. Online Actions – Placing auction of various types on the internet.

9. Product customization – Using the internet to self-configure products or services, price, and then fulfil them quickly build to order.

10. Electronic marketplaces – Create viral marketplaces where transactions can be conducted and exchanges in an efficient way more information to buyers and sellers, less transaction cost.

11.Value chain integrators – Aggregate information and package it for customers, vendors, or others in the supply.

12. Value chain service- Provide specialized services in supply chain operations such as providing logistics or providers payment services.

13. Information brokers – Provide services related to e-business information such as trust, content, matching buyers and sellers, evaluating vendor and products.

14. Bartering online – Exchanging surplus products and services with the process administered completely online by an intermediary. a company receives a point for its contribution, the point can be used to purchase other needed items.

15.Deep Discounters-Gain market share via deep discount .for customers consider the only price in their purchasing decisions.

16.Membership – Only members can use the services provided, including access to certain information, conducting trades, etc.

17.Supply chain – Restructure supply chains to hubs, or other configurations .increase collaboration, improvers reduce delays, and smooth supply chain flows.


types of e-business
types of e-business example



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